TESCHGlobal & Tableau: Creating ‘Hoppy’ Customers Together

We know modern software tools can be a key differentiator in attracting new customers, retaining customer loyalty, and remaining competitive. As a Tableau alliance partner, TESCHGlobal has experience in designing, developing, and deploying numerous Tableau projects to enable customers to rapidly see and understand data. And we’re headquartered in what we consider the best beer state, so you’ll have to excuse our beer lingo (i.e., Hoppy vs. Happy).

Join TESCHGlobal's VP of Business Development, Josh Filo, for an overview of how we partner with you on each “brewing” phase of your clients' data management and analytics journey to give them the 360-degree view they need to unleash the power of their data.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, February 19th at 10:00 am CT.

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