TG PAWs: Amelie & Toulouse

Pet #1 Name: Amelie

Breed: Turkish Angora mixed with other breeds

Pet #2 Name: Toulouse

Breed: Turkish Angora mixed with other breeds

How old are your pets and how long have you had them?

They are brother and sister and both are 7 years old. My sister's cat gave birth to them so we have known them since they were newborns.

What are 3 words to describe your pets' personalities?

Toulouse is wild, loving, and brave. Amelie is messy, loud, and demanding.

Do you have any fun facts about their breed?

To live happily with a "Turkey," you should have a good sense of humor that matches his. As well as a lot of patience. Once he or she gets an idea into his head, it can be difficult to change his or her mind!

Do you have any nicknames for your pets?

Toulouse's is Tulun tulun (I like to sing it to the sound of the pink panther’s theme song). Amelie, I call Amelinita.

What are your pets' favorite things to do?

Toulouse loves to scratch and bite our feet if we are not wearing socks. Amelie loves shouting at us when we are on the phone or we have a videoconference.

Any other fun things you want to share about your pets?

Amelie loves to pull everything outside of the drawers if you leave them open. She also loves throwing things that are placed on a table or shelf that she doesn't like. Amelie loves Alfie (our orange cat) and Gatsby (our french poodle).


Toulouse loves my mom and he is always looking for her. He enjoys being by her side when she is watching TV or crocheting. If our cats go outside of the house, Toulouse will wait for them at the door and meow all the time until they are back.