TG PAWs: Elsa & Mabel

Pet #1 Name: Elsa

Breed: Black Lab

Pet #2 Name: Mabel

Breed: Calico Cat

How old are your pets and how long have you had them?

Elsa was a rescue, so we think she was 6 years old when we got her 6 years ago. She’s probably 12 years old, give or take a year.


Mabel was also a rescue, but we got her as a kitten. She’s 6 years old.

What are 3 words to describe your pets' personalities?

Elsa - patient, obedient and sweet; Mabel - sassy, demanding and anti-social

Do you have any fun facts about their breeds?

Labs are loyal and love to be around people. They also have webbed paws and are great swimmers. Most labs are food motivated and so are easy to train. Labs are gentle and even-tempered.


Calicos cats on the other hand are sassy and independent. As with most cats, our Mabel thinks we are there to serve her. Calicos are almost all female because the coloring is determined on the X chromosome. They are only called calico in the US. Calicos are the official state cat of Maryland! Calico cats are considered lucky and Japanese sailors travel with them to ward off storms and angry spirits.

Do you have any nicknames for your pets?

Elsa belsa and Marbles (my son wanted to name her marbles because of her color and I nixed it because it’s too hard to yell “Marbles!”)

What are your pets' favorite things to do?

Elsa used to love to play ball all the time. Now that she’s getting older, she likes to lay near us and nap.


Mabel likes to hunt small innocent animals. She has taken down two bunnies that are the same size as her. She’s only 7 lbs, but she’s a very efficient killer.

Do you have a fun story about your pets' backgrounds?

My husband didn’t really want a dog initially, but if we could find one that didn’t bark, jump on people, could play with the kids and swim, we could get one. I was on Facebook and joined this “The Labrador Connection (TLC)” group and Elsa’s profile was the first one I saw. At the time, my daughter was a big Frozen fan and it seemed like fate.


As for Mabel, my son fell in love with a picture that a coworker sent me of a new litter at his local shelter and despite the fact that kittens are everywhere, he had to have that one. We drove 1.5 hours to Crown Point, IN after waiting the 8 weeks for her to be weaned.

Any other fun things you want to share about your pets?

Elsa loves Mabel and sometimes when Mabel is outside waiting to be let in, it’s one of the few things that will cause Elsa to bark. Elsa barks for her friend, the mailman (he gives her treats) and the doorbell and to let Mabel in. She doesn’t bark at any other time. She also doesn’t go on the furniture in the house, but in a car, she hops right into a seat.


Mabel is my oldest son’s cat, but her favorite person is my husband. She bites the rest of us. I think that if she wasn’t only 7lbs, she might take us down. She’s constantly hungry, but if you feed her extra, she throws up.