TG PAWs: Euphemia, a.k.a. Euphie

Breed: Orange Tabby Cat

How old is your pet and how long have you had it?

Euphie is 7 years old – we have had her since she was 6 months old!

Fun facts about the breed:

Apparently Euphie is somewhat rare as an orange female tabby. Only 1 in 5 are female!

What are 3 words to describe your pet's personality?

Outgoing, inquisitive, and vocal!

Do you have any nicknames for your pet?

Her full name is Euphemia, but we call her Euphie.

What’s your pet’s favorite thing to do?

She’s an indoor cat, so like many cats, her favorite pastime is watching “Kitty TV” – a.k.a. looking out the window at the squirrels and birds (and sometimes other cat frenemies)! We sometimes bring her outside on a leash, which she loves, but can’t catch anything to save her life.

Do you have a fun story about your pet’s background?

We got Euphie as a rescue when she was about 6 months old. She had had a severe ear infection that was causing her to walk with her head tilted, and she was unable to do normal cat things like jump or have any sort of balance. Thankfully she healed, but every now and then we can tell when she’s not feeling well because her head will tilt to the side again!

Any other fun things you want to share about your pet?

She is very gentle and tolerates our grabby toddler surprisingly well!

Learn more about Euphie's owner Matthew!