TG PAWs: Kiwi

Breed: Tortoiseshell Calico American Shorthair (“Tortie”) cat

How old is your pet and how long have you had it?

She is 6 years old and we got her when she was a tiny kitten.

Fun facts about the breed:

Calicos are almost always female and every Tortie I’ve ever known is obsessed with water (drinking from the tap, drinking from your water glass, etc.).

What are 3 words to describe your pet's personality?

Loving, communicative, weird

Do you have any nicknames for your pet?

There are a lot of nicknames: KEYS, KEEEEEEYS!, Keezer (Sneezer Ebeneezer with a Tweezer) and her full name is Kiwi Lorelai Norton Petrick Regina.

What’s your pet’s favorite thing to do?

Tap tap tap on the water glass to get a drink, snuggle, sit in the sun, chase a twist tie around the kitchen, and wreck couches.

Do you have a fun story about your pet’s background?

My friend Julie hooked us up with Kiwi and we would later find out that Julie is a Pet Matchmaker! Julie mentioned that one of her nurse colleague’s cat had a litter, wanted to give away kittens, and sent me some pictures. My daughters (Lucy and Lily) and I immediately noticed the Tortie (they called her Hannah) but we were told that she was spoken for, so we could choose Rosehips, the gray cat, or any of the orange brothers. I was reluctant to get a pet for some ridiculous unknown reason (mom anxiety), but I said, “We can go look at the cats.” We arrived on the scene and Kiwi was literally handed to us as soon as we got there. Rosehips was going to be kept by the family and the Tortie was ours! She was tiny / the runt and we took her home right then and there! Kiwi’s momma was the sweetest cat and was very friendly to us. As I shared my story about getting Kiwi with other friends, they all said, “Oh yeah, Julie got us this pet and hooked us up with that pet, etc."Julie the Pet Matchmaker!

Any other fun things you want to share about your pet?

Kiwi is a Virgo, understands English, is a great friend, a klutz, and is super weird. Lucy came up with the name Kiwi. She said she always wanted a cat named Kiwi. Lily carried Kiwi home in her sweatshirt and is probably Kiwi’s favorite.

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