TG PAWs: Taquito & Riley

Pet #1 Name: Taquito

Breed: Male Cat / Snowshoe Mix

Pet #2 Name: Riley

Breed: Female Cat / American Shorthair Mix

How old are your pets and how long have you had them?

Riley is 11 years old and Taquito is 7. We’ve had Riley since 2010 and Taquito since 2015.

What are 3 words to describe your pets' personalities?

Taquito: friendly, playful, and patient
Riley: shy, playful, and loving

Do you have any fun facts about their breed?

Snowshoe cats are known for being able to learn to open certain types of doors, and we definitely had to switch the door handles for doorknobs on certain doors in our last house because he learned how to work the handle.

Do you have any nicknames for your pets?

"Ry-Ry" and "Taquites"

What are your pets' favorite things to do?

Sleeping, reminding me when it’s time to eat, and begging for scratches.


Do you have a fun story about your pets’ backgrounds? (Rescue story, how you got them)


We adopted Taquito from a shelter driving back from a 4th of July vacation the same year my wife and I got married.

Any other fun things you want to share about your pets?

Taquito will tattle-tell on Riley when she's doing something that both of them know we don't like. And, both of them will play fetch.

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