TG PAWs: Pepper

Breed: Tortoiseshell (Tortie) Cat

How old is your pet and how long have you had it?

Cat is from Georgia and was born around mid-May of 2019 and we got it in August of 2019 for my daughters birthday from a shelter.

Fun facts about the breed:

Tortie’s are considered to be insane.  They thrive on causing mayhem.  They will stare at you straight in the eyes the entire time they are pushing your glass off the coffee table.

What are 3 words to describe your pet's personality?

Bat snot crazy

Do you have any nicknames for your pet?

My daughter likes to call her Pee Pee, for some reason.  I mostly call her “CAT get down from there!!  CAT Down!!  Down!!  CAT Stop!!  CAT!!!”

What’s your pet’s favorite thing to do?

 She has made a list for you.

  1. Run around the house in a frenzied panic mode fighting invisible demons from another dimension

  2. Eating

  3. Sleeping

  4. Clawing at your legs and climbing on your face when you’re in a meeting

  5. Eating said meeting headsets

  6. Following you everywhere you go just inches away so that you either trip or kick her across the room

  7. Eating

  8. Sleeping

  9. Constantly making meowing and chirping noises because she refuses to use her words

  10. Staring at you constantly … just watching … waiting.

  11. Jumping on your feet while you’re in the shower … she fears no water

  12. Running ahead of you and then dropping on the ground and rolling over so that you pet her belly and then she murders you

  13. Eating string

  14. Taking things that you put on a table and hiding them

  15. Being a bag of floof and shedding all over the furniture

Do you have a fun story about your pet’s background?

Cat is a maniac.  If you don’t feed her when she wants to be fed she will find a charging cable or headset and then drag it out to wherever you are and just stare at it like she is going to chew it up if you don’t feed her.  Then you feed her and she still goes back and chews up the cable.  Then she looks at you like it's your fault and sits right in front of you just looking at you.

Any other fun things you want to share about your pet?

The cat probably thinks it's a dog.  It will play “go get it” if you throw something small or if you toss a piece of treat across the room.  The cat also likes to chirp like a bird … so it probably thinks it’s a bird too.