Digital Innovation and Its Impact on Product Development

Why the world has gone “digital” is not really a difficult question for many of us. Macro trends like consumerization and globalization have altered the software landscape forever. Products that make our lives easier by controlling our house temperature or requesting transportation via smartphone are merely products of innovation fueled by technology.

For centuries, “visionaries” or “the brains” behind innovative ideas have emerged from simply trying to solve a problem. Why? Because they were willing to take a risk or to challenge the status quo. Forward-thinking organizations like Netflix, for example, go after the heart of higher-order customer needs. Competing on analytics, companies like Amazon and Netflix have seized the opportunity to tailor the customer experience, leaving many of their competitors in the rear-view mirror. These are great examples of digital transformation and its power in the marketplace.

Software is at the center of the digital transformation. It’s also changing how we develop, with a focus on the customer experience. In the words of Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky, “skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” For organizations to survive and thrive in the consumerization of the digital world, great customer experience needs to be the foundation for delivering value and competition in the market they serve. 

So what does this all mean for the development of software-intensive systems? In short, you should begin to ask yourself what problem will your idea help solve, what is the customer-centric outcome, and how can you get there? In order to keep pace with an agile world where technology is moving at breakneck speeds, next-generation organizations need to rethink how they approach product development. At TESCHGlobal, we follow a “Three-D” approach - Discover, Design, and Deliver. Each approach phase ‘evolves’ how we develop.

Through our Software Development Journey content series, we will be diving into best practice for product development in the digital era and how to rethink current approaches and disciplines. Reminder: In today’s world of digital transformation, be a Netflix, not a Blockbuster. Learn to think ahead of your customers’ needs, or be destined to fail in the market. Find a way to deliver today what your customer might need tomorrow.

Watch our kickoff webinar which takes you on a journey through the digital evolution, why customers' needs should be the driving force for product concepts, and a brief introduction into what a Three-D approach to software development looks like.

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