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Top 10 Highlights from 2020

Authored by: Jennifer Behnke

2020...a year full of unprecedented and unexpected changes that affected everyone. With many memories, raw emotions, and tough challenges thrown our way, at TG we chose to stay positive, celebrate the small wins, and keep our FOCUS on the future. As we round out December, we got together to write down what we accomplished as a team through determination, resilience, and hard work. We leveraged our NATURE to guide us through the highs and the lows! So, here’s a highlight of our TOP 10 achievements and newsworthy mentions we’re so proud to share. Feel free to let us know what positive wins you had this year; we’d love to celebrate with you! Because let’s face it, we all could use a reason to crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine.

Our Top 10 of 2020

We couldn’t start the year off without a dedicated leader at the helm of our operations. Joel Walker was promoted to COO, formerly VP of the product development team. Walker has also helped drive business development, successfully forming many strong new relationships for the company. An entrepreneur by nature, Joel brings to TG more than 20 years of IT experience with both large firms and startups.

A new decade deserved a new FOCUS for our organization. We kicked off the year with a refreshed brand image, messaging, and launched a new website that reflects who we are as a team-centric and client-first organization. As a team of avid nature lovers and adventurers, it was only fitting to explain how we guide organizations on their path to Digital Modernization.

Kelly “Totally Awesome Guy” Ross was proudly promoted to CTO having done a great job as our Director of Data Management for over 2 years. As CTO, Kelly continues to lead the Data Management team and took on additional responsibility for overseeing our infrastructure as well as strategies for learning and integrating best practices with select emerging technologies in TG’s service offerings.

Our team or “tribe,” as you often hear, is made up of competitive go-getters from around the world. We launched a program called Tribe Scouts which is a month after month journey where all members of the Tribe have the ability to focus on activities and can be rewarded for their efforts by gaining badges (think of boy scouts/girl scouts). The goal for this program is to bring the team together, enable a little competition, and of course, allow us to have some fun in this virtual world.

Our friend and client, Dr. Carrie Mendoza, partnered with us to help bring her vision of transforming how emergency departments communicate with patients to life. Given the COVID-19 pandemic spread, the need for social distancing has made connecting with patients more challenging. Through a web-based text messaging platform, ED teams can now use a straightforward mobile experience to keep patients safe and informed during their stay. We’re honored to be working with Carrie on such an amazing and impactful tool! Learn more.

As quarantine protocols took hold back in March, we rallied

together to ensure our team was safe, enabled with their equipment, and felt connected during an unusual time. To lift spirits and keep team morale strong, we implemented bi-weekly Game Play Happy Hours where we get together, grab a beverage of choice, and play virtual trivia. Did I mention we’re competitive? If you haven’t already, go check out Kahoot!, it’s a real hoot.

The TG Tribe extends beyond our team members, but to our pet pals who entertain and comfort us while we work from home. We launched the TG’s Patrol of Affection and Wellness (PAW) program as a way to show off our loving pets and share how much they mean to us. Each month, we highlight members of the TG PAWs brigade and spotlight their personalities, stories, and unique characteristics that makes them another important part of the tribe. Check out our Instagram page.

While many organizations have had to cut back on staff this year, we were fortunate enough to bring on a few new faces as business demands have started to pick back up for both TG and our sister organization, HealthLX. Welcome to the team Erik Wessel, Ngan McDonald, Matthew Williams, Brian Bailey, and Emily Norton! Each of them brings a unique skill set to the table and we’re excited to have them on board.

At TG, we are passionate about solving our customers' most challenging digital needs, so we added Managed Services to our offerings! Managing enterprise technology can be time-consuming, requires deep technical knowledge, and depends on specialized staff that may not always be available. Our two levels of Flare Support options enable organizations to use Managed Services in ways that best fit their cloud and/or in-house resources and needs. Learn more.

In the past, TG has primarily focused on services, however, that hasn’t stopped our team from innovating and just building products for our customers. This year we launched a new product called Stratm, which strives to eliminate the complexity, risk and technical lift of integrating systems internally. Stratm modernizes the concept of an enterprise service bus (EBS) to offer even better real-time ESB functionality across any industry. The name Stratm was inspired by the term 'Substratum,' an underlying layer or substance, in particular a layer of rock or soil beneath the surface of the ground (i.e., a foundation or basis of something). Stratm is a foundational, cloud-based integration platform that enables organizations to standardize API management through rapidly-deployed data transformations and customized workflows.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed our recap and have the urge to reflect on your wins from the year. Cheers to a healthier, happy, and cheerful 2021!


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