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Solace Delivers Simple, Scalable, Real-Time Event Messaging

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Authored by: TG Marketing

Event messaging was one of the good things to come out of the 1990s. It started with IBM’s MQ Series, an integration architecture that allowed disparate systems to know something happened elsewhere, so the appropriate systems could act accordingly. Think about an insurance claim filed in a claims system. With this architecture, the messaging broker sends a message to other corporate systems to inform them about the claim. It notifies the accounting system to create an accounts payable record, and the customer service department so they can update the customer about their claim status, and the risk management system to assess any potential fraudulent activity on the claim. That’s event messaging in a nutshell.

Fast-forward 30 years later, and the event messaging systems of old can’t keep up with cloud-era needs for data streaming and message volume in the billions across IoT devices distributed worldwide.


Solace took all of the knowledge from IBM MQ and later open-source versions from Apache’s Active MQ, and created a lightning-fast, real-time event messaging platform for the digital age. Some of the features that make Solace a leader include:

  • Simple, scalable connectivity

  • Simple, high availability

  • Simple producer/consumer scalability

  • Enablement of publish/subscribe, message filtering, routing and fanout

  • Message rate and consumer availability decoupling

Solace has built its reputation on reliability. The company guarantees that no messages will be lost en route to their destination. In industries where reliability is critical, such as financial services, aviation and energy, Solace’s platform has become the streaming event messaging backbone.


Despite event messaging technology’s relatively long history, it can be an innovative new solution for many businesses. Most organizations still have silos of information in disparate corporate systems. Activity in the HR system may not necessarily be integrated with the logistics system, or the accounting system. With Solace, companies can better integrate their enterprise applications for better operational performance by enabling them to communicate in real time, whether they’re legacy systems or in the cloud. Solace enables simple, scalable microservice connectivity from a server in the cloud or on-premise.

Real-time event messaging enables organizations to communicate and provide services to their customers, too. Apps that enable customers to transact business are powered by event messaging. Organizations in the financial services, retail, healthcare, telecom and gaming sectors that use Solace literally stream billions of event messages with their customers’ IoT devices each day.


TG’s team of data integration experts have been implementing messaging solutions for decades, including IBM’s MQ Series, Apache’s Active MQ and Karka, Amazon’s SQS, and now Solace. Implementation could take less than a month, though if your organization is new to event messaging, additional time may be needed to create interfaces between your enterprise applications and Solace. Reach out to our team today if you’d like to talk about bringing the connectivity, speed and reliability of Solace event messaging into your organization.