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5 Effective WebFOCUS Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Authored by: TG Marketing

When it comes to business intelligence platforms, IBI’s WebFOCUS is in a league of its own in terms of ease of access to actionable information. WebFOCUS sets a new standard for cloud BI platforms that technical and non-technical users can employ in their business decision-making with equal zeal.

If you’re an enterprise leveraging the WebFOCUS platform, you already know this. But, in all of the rush and excitement to implement, you may not have caught a full description of all of its features. Here are five often-overlooked but highly effective WebFOCUS tools you can start using right now to increase the use and value of your BI platform:

1. IDA (Interactive Document Analysis)

Interactive documents are a modern tool that helps the target audience understand complex content through images, animation and interactive features. The WebFOCUS IDA feature takes it a step further with emailable, portable dashboards that enable users to change data criteria without being connected to the network. Enterprises can integrate existing reports and requirements in WebFOCUS and build new reports and use templates, all with dynamic criteria. They can also set up automatic distribution. IDA is often used to create or enhance regulatory reporting.

2. Integrated Version Control

IBI built version control into WebFOCUS, giving developers the ability to publish and implement versions of their applications with ease. Restart recovery is enabled from any point in time. Its granular capability allows developers to rollback specific application features only within a version when those features are not wanted or need to be updated or enhanced. Developers can also look back to features that worked well in a prior version that wasn’t released, and roll those into production. Another strong point of this feature: Because it’s integrated, it’s fast and easy to access and scale versions of applications throughout the enterprise. In contrast to most “builds” used in older technology, WebFOCUS allows version control at a granular level, and the ability to implement as needed throughout the Enterprise.

3. Collaborative Portals

Collaborative portals in WebFOCUS give groups and teams across the enterprise the ability to collaborate on existing and new content, visualizations and content delivery in highly creative ways. With IBI’s focus on the right user experience for every user, teams don’t need to be technical to scale content development beyond their developers.

4. Maintain Applications

Despite its unintuitive name, Maintain Applications represents one of the essential advantages of WebFOCUS – its ability to update databases, not just present data. Maintain Applications enables users to update data, change searches, create supplemental data and update the database itself directly from their browser. With this feature, WebFOCUS delivers a strategic advantage for enterprises with data-driven applications by enabling users to enhance the app. This can become an advantage in real-time data-driven environments when data changes must be implemented and reflected in reporting without delays or developer involvement.   

5. InfoApps™

Modular, flexible and deployable on any device, InfoApps™ are purpose-built analytical apps that provide fast, easy access to actionable information for every user, non-technical or technical. Enterprises use this feature to build and promote targeted, visualization-rich content quickly, often for frequently-used content with a specific business context. InfoApps™ can also be embedded within the screen or portal of other applications. Many enterprises replace ad hoc reporting with this agile tool.

Like to talk over the next step?

All of these modern WebFOCUS features can help you solve problems and provide faster time to market and increased scalability. If you’d like to talk about next steps, connect with us. We’re an Information Builders certified partner with the product expertise and field experience to help you effectively implement and leverage these tools.

Leverage These Tools in Enterprise Edition

• IDA (Interactive Document Analysis)

• Integrated Version Control

• Collaborative Portals

• Maintain Applications

• InfoApps™