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Managing enterprise technology is time consuming, requires deep technical knowledge, and depends on specialized staff that are not always available to organizations. TESCHGlobal’s US-based team offers Flare Support to give organizations a comprehensive and operational managed IT service.

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Our goal is to create a quality support experience, one that contributes to a stronger, long-term relationship with TESCHGlobal. We partner with our customers to ensure support procedures across both companies are used as efficiently as possible, and will work with customer teams as these items come up. 


TESCHGlobal offers two Flare Support options, enabling organizations to use Managed Services in ways that best fit their cloud and/or in-house resources and needs. You will find our TESCHGlobal Support Team attentive, responsive, thorough, committed to excellence in service and a value-add that complements our solutions. 


Our approach to managing IT issues for customers is to provide timely responses, outline a plan to address issues and collaborate to develop a clear understanding of priorities. TESCHGlobal will document steps to report the issue via the TESCHGlobal Flare Support Portal. Our Flare Support Team will work your single point-of-contact to ensure clear communication around issue resolution.

TG's Flare Support provides:

Access to Online Support Portal for ticket management

Dedicated Customer Support Personnel 

Defined Protocols for: Response Time, Update Frequency, and Support Mode for all support levels

(Mission Critical, Urgent, High, Medium, Low)

Clear and Concise Support Guidelines

TG's Support Category Classes

Operations Management

Message failure,

Data Mapping Maintenance, etc.


Infrastructure, network, power

outage, host-site issues, etc.


Configuration request, feature enhancement, upgrade request, etc.



The Standard Flare Support package is available as needed through an online ticketing portal. Tickets are addressed during standard business hours.

Proactive Monitoring Services for:

  • Critical Applications

  • Infrastructure Support in any cloud

  • Network Management



For Critical Flare Support, TESCHGlobal is dedicated to providing additional support not only through the online portal but via phone. When mission critical issues occur, our team will be reachable in a faster, more convenient way for you.

  • All services provided under Standard Support

  • + 24/7 phone support

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