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The emergence of DataRobot and its revolutionary automated machine learning platform creates a tremendous opportunity for our clients. As a DataRobot AI Partner, we can provide your organization the full suite of professional services needed to quickly and effectively plan, develop, and deploy predictive models. This includes analytics strategy, data preparation, and model integration within your existing applications and analytics. We also support your team through their DataRobot training and deployment processes, as well as your leadership and compliance reviews of DataRobot’s transparent models and outcomes.

We are committed to enabling our customers to succeed with efficient data management and robust analytics.

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Financial Services


Retail/Consumer Services


Customer Products & Services

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Automated Machine Learning Services:

Analytics Strategy

Data Preparation

DataRobot Implementation

Analytics Integration

AI Governance

Jump Start Program

Rapid development and deployment of DataRobot predictive models based on your organization’s machine learning objectives. TESCHGlobal’s team of analytics experts will assess your current state of data preparation, modeling, and data science maturity, and provide actionable recommendations to accomplish your goals and requirements within your timeline and budget.

AI/ML Jump Start engagements can be tailored to your organization’s objectives and priorities, but typically are three weeks in length with two full-time equivalent members of our team throughout the project. Work is conducted both on-site and remotely.

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