Our suite of services positions us to take on the most difficult technology projects out there. We are passionate about leveraging modern technologies and practices to provoke innovation and help move businesses forward, while making positive impacts in the world.

We understand that much like nature, technology solutions need constant nourishment to effectively grow the business needs. Our roots are in the enterprise data integration, data management and analytics space. Our rich history in developing solutions in normally very challenging environments has led to us taking part in all types and sizes of system implementations and migrations. We come in both at the holistic architect level and the tactical execution level, with various software solutions in:


The drive for mobile enablement, big data, highly sophisticated user experience and real-time access tends to expose weaknesses in data architecture, security and application interconnectivity.

Regardless of industry segment, these business needs to dynamically enhance customer experience, bring data forward, and achieve true innovation, typically leads to the purchase and development of new packaged solutions. However, each business is unique and these packaged solutions usually require some level of customization and trying to migrate or connect these new solutions with disparate legacy systems is a notorious reality.  A well-executed Enterprise Integration discipline allows the business needs to become a reality, rapidly and securely.

We have been implementing enterprise integration practices for over a decade and have experienced firsthand the results of taking companies from chaos to order, allowing them to support streamlined business processes for accurate information exchange, at all levels within an organization.

Enterprise Integration may not have been a discipline that was top-of-mind in the past, but in today's ever-evolving technology environment it is a fundamental element to stay competitive.



What is strategy? For us, it is crafting a vision for a desired outcome and creating a roadmap for that vision. Experience has taught us that organizations making technology investments often ignore or misunderstand the value of a strategy. Without a proper strategy, delays, re-starts, ineffective solutions, or project failures can occur.

Our team consists of many former corporate leaders, from various industries, who provide executive guidance to companies who are contemplating new ideas and solutions, compliance standards, global application strategies, or in need of technical executive guidance. Our team collaborates with clients on:

  • Solution discoveries

  • Solution design guidance

  • New product development

  • Solution performance gap analysis

  • IT organizational assessments


Understanding new software trends and practices to optimize business processes and competitive advantages in your industry is always top of mind. As leadership researches, analyzes or vets new solutions, it is important to investigate the capabilities of these solutions to understand their flexibility and how they will impact your overall operations and integrate with existing systems.

We continue to enjoy seeing our clients achieving IT excellence and as trusted advisors we help provoke innovation and:

  • Guide product selection efforts

  • Compile and present solution blueprints that includes the work, planning and investments required to move forward

  • Build pilot programs with actual business use-cases providing real results needed to properly vet and move forward with a solution


We have learned over the years that technology solution success is entirely dependent on making sure the team is prepared to appropriately use, deliver and support the solution. For our Technology Partner Ecosystem, we offer implementation support and hands on training with many different forms of knowledge transfer. These include:

  • Infrastructure Design Review

  • Installation Support

  • Best-practices and technique advice

  • Formal classroom and remote training

  • Hands on use-case development and configuration walks

  • Customized mentoring activities for complex scenarios

  • On-call & Online support