TESCHGlobal Forms Strategic Partnership

with Foundry Health

May 29, 2015


Milwaukee, WI, May 29, 2015 (PRWeb) -- TESCHGlobal LLC, a global technology professional services firm, has recently established a strategic partnership agreement with Foundry Health LLC, a digital health company that seeks to empower health professionals by building software tools that put the patient back at the center of each encounter. This strategic partnership will assist both TESCHGlobal and Foundry Health in the growth and development of healthcare innovation in the U.S., while also supporting the global growth initiatives of both firms.

"As Foundry Health continues to expand its ClinSpark™ software offering to an ever expanding area of the world, we are delighted to be partnering with TESCHGlobal. The TESCHGlobal team will allow us to scale up to meet the growing demands for the ClinSpark™ system," stated Brock Heinz, CEO at Foundry Health. “We are excited about our new partnership with Foundry Health,” says Will Tesch, President and CEO of TESCHGlobal. "Foundry Health has an innovative team and is led by a true engineering genius. Our support of Foundry Health and their implementation and support needs to scale is aligned closely with our past success with other Healthcare organizations like Foundry Health. This partnership will enable ClinSpark™ to meet its growing presence globally while also focusing on their product development.”


Foundry Health is a digital health company focused on building software tools that deliver creative strategic solutions. As the creators of ClinSpark™, the world’s first CDISC ODM certified phase 1 eSource system, Foundry Health is driven to empower health professionals and build successful custom solutions that exceed customer needs. For more information, visit www.foundryhealth.com.