Case studies on digital

modernization success

web-based platform for emergency departments

Dr. Carrie Mendoza partnered with TG to help bring her vision of transforming how emergency departments communicate with patients to life. Given the COVID-19 pandemic spread, the need for social distancing makes connecting with patients more challenging. Through a web-based text messaging platform, ED teams can now use a straightforward mobile experience to keep patients safe and informed during their stay.

healthcare digital marketing services provider

DMD chose TG for its digital modernization journey. With a new platform and aligned workflows, DMD is efficiently managing business growth and has reduced campaign turnaround times for its customers.

connected software and services therapeutics company

QuiO engaged TG to build its modern IoT cloud platform for chronic-condition management through smart medication devices. QuiO’s pioneering platform supports medication, patient health, device health, and data handling. 300+ connected devices integrated.

air systems manufacturing and distribution

TG was Greenheck’s guide to master data management, integration and data stewardship. We helped Greenheck establish a customer golden record and align new workflows which eliminate manual processes and improve CRM real-time data quality.

market-leading health insurer

TG helped BCI open the door to new growth goals and market agility with data modernization, a new solution architecture that easily handles 38 million records for multiple source systems, and modernization of BCI’s analytics and data visualization capabilities.


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