We understand that much like nature, technology solutions need constant nourishment to effectively grow the business needs. Our roots are in the enterprise data integration, data management and analytics space. Our rich history in developing solutions in normally very challenging environments has led to us taking part in all types and sizes of system implementations and migrations. We come in both at the holistic architect level and the tactical execution level, with various software solutions in:


data integration

The drive for mobile enablement, big data, highly sophisticated user experience and real-time access tends to expose weaknesses in data architecture, security and application interconnectivity.

Regardless of industry segment, these business needs to dynamically enhance customer experience, bring data forward, and achieve true innovation, typically leads to the purchase and development of new packaged solutions. However, each business is unique and these packaged solutions usually require some level of customization and trying to migrate or connect these new solutions with disparate legacy systems is a notorious reality.  A well-executed Enterprise Integration discipline allows the business needs to become a reality, rapidly and securely.

We have been implementing enterprise integration practices for over a decade and have experienced firsthand the results of taking companies from chaos to order, allowing them to support streamlined business processes for accurate information exchange, at all levels within an organization.

Enterprise Integration may not have been a discipline that was top-of-mind in the past, but in today's ever-evolving technology environment it is a fundamental element to stay competitive.


Big data

Experience has taught you to be wary of new buzzwords, yet there is evolution in the management of massive volumes of data and it's called Big Data. Senior management is intrigued by its value proposition and its potential to address the climbing demand to integrate external data with internal systems, while transforming into a predictive model.

The continued need to build out Data Warehouses with carved out data cubes in a relational database structure to allow business to access data, reports and analytics creates a strenuous environment to the IT arm.  Big Data allows for the transformation to a more flexible and scalable approach.

We have embraced the Big Data wave and our team of experts have implemented Data Lakes and Data Vaults to: lower cost, time and resources to empower our clients with their data, while maintaining data governance, security and quality.  This transformed approach has allowed us to build predictive analytics and machine learning to support our clients.


business intelligence

Measuring company performance requires: the need to leverage multiple data sources from multiple operating divisions, and also the ability to configure and present the data in a way to enable your company to make smarter and faster business decisions.

The right Business Intelligence (BI) strategy establishes the proper measurement framework to meet these organizational goals and objectives, even on a real-time basis. Without an ability to measure outcomes and define targeted organizational benchmarks your company cannot determine if its winning greatly or losing horribly.

We provide clients a wide variety of proven BI reporting tools and custom-engineered data analytics solutions that deliver scalable information applications to a new generation of users. We help clients empower their users with valuable insight into their business, allowing them to achieve:

  • Flexible, predefined quality reports that are easy-to-use and are accessible on the web or mobile at anytime from anywhere.

  • Enhanced applications and user experience that turns data into meaningful information to improve ROI.

  • Automated transaction systems and Decision Support Systems (DSS) to further improve data provided by information systems.

We leverage modern technologies giving our development team the flexibility it needs to rapidly customize, prototype and develop your solutions, without sacrificing quality and cost. 


As a solutions driven company who helps bring our clients' innovative ideas to life, we are required to build both back-end and front-end technologies. Our development team has a range of technology skill-sets, across multiple platforms.

WEB & Mobile APPLICATion

Whether B2B or B2C, customers today require user-friendly tools to get instant access to the information they need, at their fingertips. Our team of developers have deep experience creating web & mobile solutions and turning the keys over to our clients.

internet of things (iot)

Wearables, devices, buildings and other physical items are now being embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity to empower the collection and exchange of data with each other. Our team is leading IOT strategies and developments.

proven method of success

The most successful and popular applications and devices used today all started with an idea. We recognize that those innovative ideas require careful nurturing in order to become something real. Being experienced shepherds of ideas, we have a straightforward, transparent, and simple process for helping to develop our clients' software solutions. We have experience with a wide variety of programming languages and development frameworks and we allow the needs of the software solution to directly influence which approach is right for the job. Our deep Enterprise experience helps us see the big picture and identify potential obstacles and opportunities, while helping our clients avoid wasting time and money. Using an agile software development approach, we work closely with our clients to define requirements in incremental phases. This ensures the road from idea to reality are carefully planned and done so in small manageable steps.